The Path of the Dark King

by Elvenpath

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released March 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Elvenpath Frankfurt, Germany

Elvenpath is not another retro band that tries desperately to sound old school and is more concerned about tight pants and numerous spikes than about good songs. Neither are they oblivious to the glorious past of heavy metal. They’re rooted in the traditional style of (German) power metal but there are plenty more influences to be discovered in their music.

Elvenpath: Germany's next topmetal ;-)
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Track Name: Combat Zone Europe
Europa, beautiful child ever dreaming
Daughter without sin, land of the wise
War has long gone and together as one we grew
Until the prophet of death came to rise
All that we fought for, justice and liberty
Crushed in the sand of the land of one faith
The land of the free now a battle zone has become
Can we withstand the force of Islam’s wraiths

An army invisible, death undetectable
Where he will strike next we cannot know
Could we foresee that the prophets we welcomed
Our deaths would deliver straight into our homes

The land we used to know, peaceful and civilised
Perished in gunfire, it is no more
Words of the wise from an age long behind us
Futile and dead in this new kind of war
Masters of evil will force their peace upon us
And behead all that won’t accept the law
Murdering innocents in their own backyards
While we are busy ignoring it all

Imagine a war will begin and nobody
Will follow and fight for those in command
A clear reply given on any of these days
War’ll just as easily come to your land
This is no longer the land that I used to know
Once a safe haven – now a battleground
How long until the laughter has died
And deathlike silence the only sound

New dawn rising for our eyes to see
New dark ages our destiny
Chained and shackled in stupidity
Changes we’ll bear up – Combat Zone Europe

Children of the inquisition
Born again, just more efficient
Nazis hating with a passion
Green not brown is now in fashion
Slayers from the one true nation
Proud of our capitulation
P’litically correct defenders
At least we’re free to surrender

Keyboard warriors with a passion
Words of war their sole obsession

Eyes unseeing, tears will fall
Ears unhearing, deaf to all
Say no more what’s on your mind
Time for judgement to unwind

The lands of our forefathers drenched in our own blood
Europa bleeding from a thousand wounds
Walls of the fortress lie broken in ruins
This once proud castle has become our tomb

When books will burn to make way for the one book
And camps of death welcome the unprepared
What will you answer when your children ask you
We never knew or we never cared
Track Name: One Strong Voice
As night is falling the demons awake
Thunder is breaking the silence
Voices are calling the names of the gods
Out in the lowlands and highlands

Come into the holy halls, the fires are burning bright
Raise the horns for steel tonight

All over the fields and forests
Guardians of fire are assembling
From the mountains to the ocean
Swords in their hands never trembling

Out in every nation wherever it may be
Out in every nation sing the words of unity

One strong voice around the world
Heavy Metal a uniting force
One strong voice, we will be heard
Heavy Metal all around the world

By the magic of thunder, fire and rage
We always will be united
Born of the cauldron forged of stainless steel
The legions won’t be divided

Listen and in every land you’ll hear the battle cry
On the wings of liberty we cannot be denied

Screaming attack we will claim every land
Break all the chains and against the world stand
The Kingdom of Metal will welcome you, come raise your hand
Track Name: Targaryen Fire
Fire in eyes, fire in heart
Born while the storms raged above Dragonstone
A refugee child, on the run from the start
Heir to the seat of kings, the Iron Throne

All dragonspawn must be put to the sword
No one must live

Hidden from the usurper’s wrath
Far from his hands across the narrow sea
Through seas of grass she must find her path
Dothraki warriors her guardians will be

Her brother wears a crown of molten gold
Rebirth in fire horselords will behold

The funeral pyre never burned her skin
Three dragons born in the flames
Khaleesi warlord, the first there’s ever been
Nothing but ashes remains

Rise Targaryen fire
Silver flames that light the sky
The blood of the dragon
Seven kingdoms fall
The fire and the blood

Three fires to light, three mounts to ride
Betrayed for blood and for love and for gold
Unsullied legions born for the fight
Dragonfire burning the cities of old

The lords of Slaver’s Bay must taste the sword
And pay the price

Gathering forces to cross the sea
She’ll bring salvation to all, it is known
Lands of the west retaken will be
The mother of dragons will reclaim her throne

Westeros waiting for the Silver Queen
Coming with dragons black and white and green

Earth knows her name, stars will tell the tale
How in the fighting pit she tamed the beast
On dragon’s wings, black as night his scales
Targaryen fire released

For madness and greatness the gods will toss a coin
The Dance of the Dragons is waiting, who will join
Track Name: The Sword Of Gideon
Still is the air, quiet the April night
Over the sea the black battalions ride
Their target is in sight, the coast is near
The spring of youth, a deadly time of the year

Only the bravest gathered for attack
Sent out to kill, there’s no turning back
An eye for an eye, thus spoke their lord
Deep in the city lies the dragon’s hoard

In the silence of the night they infiltrate
Those who lived in blood must meet their fate
The wrath of god tonight has come to town
The sword of Gideon will strike them down

No wall is too high, no house shall be safe
Turning the city into a grave
Sins will be punished, blood must be sold
Revenge is a dish that’s always best served cold

Blood thirsty devils in angels’ disguise
Crossing the city, no fear in their eyes
Taking the battle to the lion’s den
Demanding the blood price for their countrymen

Enter the houses, no one in sight
Nowhere to run and nowhere to hide
Plant the explosives and wait for the call
Death conquers all

As the doors shatter in thunder and light
It’s killing time, head into the fight
Guns spitting fire, blood must be shed
Alive or dead

Through the night we’ve come, children of the sun
To the gates of Babylon
Come kneel down and pray, you must die today
By the sword of Gideon

No prisoners taken, no time to lose
The city’s awakened, they have to choose
Facing resistance, talk of the guns
Who’ll think of heaven when blood must run

Head to the shore, they make their escape
Leaving behind the city in flames
Revenge has been done, the enemy slain
Collateral damage along the way

Over the sea in darkness they ride
Leaving the bloodshed of vengeance behind
The battle’s been fought, oaths are fulfilled
More will be killed

Proved to the world that wherever they’ll be
Ready to slay their land’s enemy
Who will remember the ones who died
Lost to the fight
Track Name: On The Verge Of Insanity
I am walking down the avenue of life
See the shadows dancing in the night with you
You were the key of my soul a long time ago
The dying essence as you decided to go

Screaming darkness the ruler of my mind
What was wrong with me and why did I let you fly
The verge of insanity is my new home
What was written on the wall of life

Silent pain is running through my veins
The poison that makes my soul fade away
The sand of time, I am not on his list
The black desert that let my die of thirst

Am I only flying in dreams of my being
Rainbows of a life without fear
Wings of hell, morning star’s desire
Yes I pay the price of betrayal
Yes I know I am the fallen one

To get home I try a million different ways
But none of them brings me back again
I lost my wings, my life and my soul
I’m a son who will never come back home

My fate is strong like all the stars above
A stranger that built his kingdom all alone
Now I’m riding to the battlefield of fate
Where I meet my holy brother again
Track Name: Devil's Game And God's Masquerade
Is this the end of natural life
The beginning of the cruel and endless night
Black fire and shadows from the pit
Waves of blood drown the seed of existence

Bend your knee to the conqueror of you all
And we’ll spare the lives of your minions
The wings of fate never bend the knee
My sword will see you on the battlefield

Millions of aeons we’d wait for this fight
Ready to rule over suns and light
Knights of heaven will fall this time
You are – the cosmic pain
We will – destroy the strain
This time be sure – this is the end

We are the light on this battlefield
Maybe the light of the damned – we are the war
We are the fire of eternity
Eternal will be your death – we end this war

Dear brothers, sing this song with me
We’ll send them back to the black sea
The chant of the stars, the glory of our lord
I’ll strike them all down with my holy sword

Sons of fire, sing this song with me
Heaven is ours, tomorrow you will see
Cut their wings and send them into the night
Bring them fire, a devastating fight

You arose as a result of my creation and you fell
Arise and fall again – a creation of mine you are still
You cannot exist without me
Here is my offer to get it together, so you can be

Seeing you go astray I survived in your dust
Watched, built my plans while you decayed in rust
The belief in you and your love will not last
I am the new power and you´ll remain in the past

We will bring your downfall
Annihilate you all
We will bring your downfall
Eradicate you all
Track Name: Black Wings
Black wings of destiny
The morning star, the hell within
I am my father’s darkest sin

My brother was the lightbringer
The beauty of heaven, the rising star
Became the father of all sin

The glory of the sun I am
Argentum wings, wind of fate
My brother you will pay again
Throw you into the fire of the damned

Please Michael the eldest one
The sword of God, his favourite son
Don’t let this fight begin

My brother it is too late
You go too far, your sins are great
This time I am your final fate

Can’t we just fly away
Fly far, far away
No we can’t fly away
I would never betray the lord and his way

Dear brother I’m ready to fight
To conquer the day, to win by the night
I’m sad that you’re fighting me

I have to fight, I have to win
My love for you is my darkest sin
But evil has to end up here
Track Name: About Nightmares And Kings
In this silent hole, darkness all around
My power from the past flies away
My mind is empty, my soul is old
The path of life is just stone cold
I never see the truth till I’m falling down
Why can’t they see what is supposed to be
My domination, their reflection
Walls of death are my new home
Remember not where I was born
The legacy I left is still untold

I am the king of your souls
The sun and the moon of you all
The path of life that you walk
You are the curse of our souls
The serpent that crawls through our homes
The hellfire that will cease to burn

Out of the darkness, into the light
We break your rules that enslave our lives
Your reign will vanish and turn to dust
Horrible madness that comes to its end

We are your silent failure, your guilt and final pain
The rope of hope, the saviour of our home
You try to hide, you try to flee
A trail of blood, your way to rule
The legacy you left, a promise of your doom
In the light the moon the gallows kiss you soon
Your death will be our sanctuary
Your tears of gold a silent prayer
But no one will hear it today
The king of nightmares, his last dance begins
Track Name: The Mountain Curse
“Es ist ein Land verloren, da wächst ein Mond im Ried
Es ist mit uns erfroren, es glüht umher und sieht
Es sieht, es sieht, wir sehen, ich sehe dich, du siehst
Das Eis wird auferstehen, eh’ sich die Stunde schließt”
(Paul Celan)

The mountains lay silent awaiting the night
The guardians of aeons with eternal sight
They’d seen more than thousands of men ever will
While ever remaining and watching so still

They know many secrets so listen my friends
Come hear how it started and know how it ends
The guardians of silence may tell a strange tale
How men broke their laws and so bitterly’d fail

Picture the village in the mountains
Where eagles fly and hunt their prey
The men they worked the land, the women worked the homes
Living their lives day after day

No wealth they ever had but themselves
Then hunger struck them unprepared
Death came in silent night and knocked on houses old
Nobody would help them or cared

Up in the glade she lived so low
Older than any one would ever know
Wise ancient woman with hands that healed
Hands that knew magic and their fate sealed

And so the village knew salvation
Salvation hand in hand with shame
For any good on your path payment must be made
So die alone or play the game

A pact signed in blood be paid in blood
They sent their children to the ice
A frozen death awaits the four girls in the crystal lands
The glacier’s home, paid is the price

The old witch died burned at the tree
“Wealth you may find but cursed you shall be
Cursed is the mountain, the village forlorn
I’ll get your children when they are reborn”

Silver in the ice, a blessing or curse in disguise
For riches they’ll pay with their lives, there’s no salvation
Gone is poverty but lost are souls in misery
And cursed the land eternally, lost in damnation

Voices in the night, they sing a song in the moonlight
The vision grips your heart with fright, four children marching
Till found they will be when the glacier sets them free
That’s when you’ll meet your destiny, doom from the mountainside

Follow the path that so many before you have known
Enter the chapel that stands abandoned and alone
Step to the altar and read the names of those who died
This house of god is a gateway to the other side

Now is the time when for their sins they will pay the price
Their children will leave again tonight as a sacrifice
Come watch in awe as the rage of the mountain comes down
Annihilation of all life, the valley must drown

When greed comes to man’s heart all dreams will be sold
And made unseen for bloodstained silver and gold
So now as our story (as all tales) must end
All sight fades away, just the mountains still stand

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